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Oh boy!

2010-04-03 03:34:15 by PowPowSamurai

It's been a while huh? Well, apparently, another one of my songs made it on the All-Time Top Scoring Songs list, this time though at #25. CHECK IT OUT! =D ~Once Again~

~Pow Pow


2009-09-23 08:07:23 by PowPowSamurai

So not only was ~Joy Within~ on the list too (X___X I forgot what ranking it had...), ~For Justice And The Throne~ got on the #9 spot! Sweet!!! =D Thanks guys!!

Woaaah! =D

2009-09-05 05:25:34 by PowPowSamurai

First, It was "~Lonley Isle~" at #10, then came "~Undead Rising~" at #5...

BUT NOW! Now I have "~Final Exodus~" at #22 on the All Time Best Tracks Ever List! YEAAAAH!

=D Thanks Newgrounds!

Check it out!~Final Exodus~

Hey guys! One of my songs got on the BEST TRACKS EVER list. And this's #5!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Check it out!!! =D ~Undead Rising~


2009-06-03 08:19:24 by PowPowSamurai

Well, I went off and made a ReverbNation account so I could help get my music popular. My artist name is "Cold-Solstice" and here's the link to my webpage Cold-Solstice ReverbNation Account


Oh yeah, by the way, I made three new songs! I hope you check 'em out!

ONE OF MY SONGS ~Love and Happiness~ was featured in a really funny flash animation It's for you (coke spoof) FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! YESSSSS!! My song is now forever immortalized in the Flash Portal, something I've been dreaming of for the longest time. =D CHECK IT OUT!!!

In other news, I submitted a new song!!!!! Check it out too!!!! ~Joy Within~


2009-02-22 06:16:55 by PowPowSamurai!! HEY GUYS!!! CHECK OUT MAH NEW TRANCE SONG! ---> ~Final Exodus~


2009-02-20 08:25:28 by PowPowSamurai

Hey guys!!! I made another cool light airy song!! Check it out!!! -----> ~One More Chance~

So, I made new songs! Check them out!~Note Of Deliverance~ AND ~Once Again~

I made a song. It are nice. I hope u liek itz. LOLZ.